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No Match - EdinsonCavani - 02-10-2017

If you believe that Reus has the right to create a national team (only cause he's good at game) vs an entire community you're wrong. There will be no match by me and I hope also from the real italy

There is an official response about our national manager in our community:


Italy won NC in 2015
Italy went 2nd Place in 2012

You question about MANAGEMENT of one of the most winning teams of Haxball Story (while 99% cases you're first bad managers of your teams/national teams)

There will be no Match, Italian National Team is the same since 2011 and it will continue to be it as in eSports [ESL]

Italian National Managers:

2011 Lucas
2012 Gnaw
2013 Gnaw
2014 Entony
2016 Pazzo
2017 Thiago

There's nothing to discuss cya

Ron you can be admin of Nations Cup and Croatian National Manager but you're no one to decide OUR National Team Manager, just do your work as NATIONS CUP ADMIN and let as well our community work

Reus isn't italian Captain cause

- He's immature
- He played with fake last season
- He disbanded a team after one official match
- He and his friends (in pseudo-national team) are banned for DdoSsing people in Italian League Teamspeak

Our community works everyday for us and it decides our national manager, choose your national team line-up/captain but when it's not your task get out of here


It's not a random league in that you choose captains, it's NATION CUP and national team has to represent a community so keep in your mind that our National Manager is Thiago (who worked everyday for stages since 1 month). Just focus on your task ^^

RE: No Match - EdinsonCavani - 02-10-2017

Ah and at the end of this

A match doesn't prove anything, ADB won vs Infused in one single match (But this doesn't prove that ADB > Infused when they're obviously better). This is a kiddy decision, also cause you're full unrespectfull for our work and italian community

RE: No Match - NaNi - 02-10-2017

oh dear...

RE: No Match - EdinsonCavani - 02-10-2017

what's wrong nani? our community decides his captain

RE: No Match - NaNi - 02-10-2017

i think you dont understand it. Every Player can make an Application of his nation if he has enough players and the admins choose one of them then but in this Situation, ron wanted to make it equal and democratic so you guys play each other. He also could choose reus/your team directly. Imagine Rons situation , it is not easy to decide which team gets in so he did the best Option: let you guys play each other. If you guys dont want to play, it is your bad(you just would gave up instead of training and trying to win to show it everyone) GoodLuck

RE: No Match - Breaddard Stark - 02-10-2017

Both of your teams are going to lose to team NA so why all the arguing?

RE: No Match - EdinsonCavani - 02-10-2017

NaNi i can ensure you that all Italian players (more than 150 gamers) a part that 10/12 players agree about Thiago as National Manager, if you are sceptic just talk with random italian players (Italian League Captains)

"Every Player can make an Application of his nation" -> In fact this rule is so weird, we got a community and 95% of community chose Thiago, he represents our community, our national team and our common behaviour (not mine, cause i got a bad behaviour sometimes, but not in this occasion cause it's a serious thing)

You haven't to choose "the best team" but "the best representative team", it's a national competition, not an haxball league... Anyway thiago & bale will decide if play or not, i'm no one, just saying opinion without attacking anyone, one game doesn't say who is better / has better behaviour. Admins should only prove their respect to our community and to our decision (like ptichka ♥ has always done)

RE: No Match - Arsenio - 02-10-2017

Nani you would be right if Italy did not have a membership league. Behind the italian league there is a staff shared by anyone (or anyone execpt reus and 3 friends. in reus' team there are inactive player and unconscius too). This staff work so hard for a community that chose G.bale's national team. Futhermore staff spend time and MONEY to ensure the correct hereinafter of italian league, so ILH must partecipate at this competition.
You talk about democracy, ok tell me. A team that represents a whole community (about 200 players) and 4 players.
i will say you more, Reus was the captain of ILH's national team, he Ddos people and he left. So what are we talking about?

P.S: i don't play anymore haxball, so i have no personal interests.

RE: No Match - NaNi - 02-10-2017

normally , it does not interest me but i just explain rons decision. You are right with the staff(ilh staff , 95% etc) but i do not think that ron will change his decision. so if you guys dont play , you would give reus the chance and this is dumb. Im speaking of your Position, your only chance to get over it is to play and win. (I am not against anyone i am neutral dont undeestand me wrong)

RE: No Match - Arsenio - 02-10-2017

Surely Edi made a provocation, but how do you justify the choices of ron? In this condition there is no justification, ron should have direct contact with the ilh and Ron was aware of that situation.
there is no justification, maybe ron and reus are friends?
who knows.. Big Grin