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Israel winners!
Nations Cup 2019

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NC 2019 Registration results

it is time to get started with our beloved Nations Cup on big easy! 
In this topic we will present you registration results - which nations has been accepted into Nations Cup 2019 and further instructions.

Accepted nations:
  1. Belarus (capt: NicK)
  2. Croatia (capt: felix)
  3. Czech Republic (capt: Skinny)
  4. France (capt: Vidalo)
  5. Georgia (capt: Ramsey)
  6. Ireland (capt: Grep)
  7. Israel (capt: Isco)
  8. Italy (capt: gio)
  9. Lithuania (capt: Thief)
  10. Netherlands (capt: Hulk)
  11. Poland (capt: KROL)
  12. Portugal (manager: JOHN RAMBO)
  13. Russian Federation (capt: waff, manager: Bruma)
  14. Spain (capt: Aitor)
  15. Turkey (capt: ROCKY BALBOA, manager: keggj)
  16. Ukraine (capt: ptichka)
  17. United Kingdom (capt: Witsel)

17 nation are directly accepted into main tournament of Nations Cup, and 2 applied Romania captains will have to do it through play-off match with their team.. 

Qualification stage nations:
1) Romania (capt: Per1)
2) Romania (capt: ^aMp^)

Play-off matches
We had 2 different captain applications from Romania. Since we didn't want to play gods and decide on our own about Romania future, we decided to place both teams into qualifications and face them against each other to show us their capabilities and seriousness for the competition. Romania (Per1) will play against Romania (^aMp^). Their players must confirm as well, same as any other nation with one difference. No matter losing side players are able to play for their nation (winner side), they will be restricted during the whole tournament after losing qualification game. Qualification topic will be available soon...

Sorry to all rejected applications, we just didn't seem you appropriate for the competition.
More info will come in other topics.

NC Admin team.

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