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Israel winners!
Nations Cup 2019

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Nations Cup 2019 - Team disbands

since we had some troubles in this edition of nations cup, it is time (a bit late but sry) to announce teams who were disbanded in group-stage. All results of this teams will be validated as 0-3 defwin for their opponent.This rule also applies for matches, which have already been played.

1) Ireland disband!

First disband in this edition of Nations Cup is team Ireland together with all listed players. Ireland was under question to be accepted anyway and after they didn't play their official game against Croatia and didn't even manage to get minimun of -6- confirmed players in squad, we decided to disband them from NC and from any national competition in 2019. Captain Grep receive temporary captain prohibition.

Please do not apply if you can't participate.

2) Romania disband!

Another disband in this edition of Nations Cup is going to Romanian national team lead by Per. The reason of ban is that Romania did incredible thing for pro haxball environment by baning all players from Ukraine during the official match (check HERE). This is not acceptable and they deserve to be removed from this competition. Per receive permanent captain prohibition in any national competitions and ban to play any national competition in 2019. Another possible penalties will be announced after the competition.

Please learn how to behave in official matches.

3) Russia disband!

The third team disbanded from Nations Cup is, sadly, Russian team. They received defloss in Matchday 3 against Netherlands after they didn't show up at last possible day and didn't respond at all in wikdcard thread. Some Russian players were not happy with current management of national team and it was pretty obvious Russia doesn't want to play any more, so admin team decided to disband them. 

Sadly this happened for such a nation.

NC Admin Team!

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