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Israel winners!
Nations Cup 2019

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Southamerica wants to play
Greetings from Argentina.

Let me introduce myself, I'm Kozlov the Administrator of the Official Haxball Argentina League, with more than 8 years and 18 seasons.

In recent months, we have seen how NATIONS LEAGUE REAL SOCCER competitions have included their teams in these competitions. We in South America play in the 3v3 BIG modality although we can adapt to its benefits.

Teams like Uruguay and Argentina have played in HaxHosts with pings of up to 150-180 of ping and it is very playable for us. In the past I tried to play but the conditions were not favorable, now with HTML5 it will be a possibility.

Argentina, Brazil and Chile are ready to join the next Nations Cup, only if you approve it.
Hi Kozlov, we will definitely have you in our minds for next Nations Cup. Thanks for giving us this info and see you soon.

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