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Nations Cup 2019

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Romania National Team
Hello guys,

I want to complain about this injustice done by Ron. All players know who you are the real nationalist of Romania [Finalist NC BIG last edition]. He wants us to confirm 6 players in one day and play. Everybody knows that Deliric and DrG have no time to do that in one day because they work. Ron again confuses this message on global
<21:57:29> "Ron": Okey, teams can play with at least -4- confirmed players today, admins agreed to that.
We played all day fs for this match (Me, per, the special1, fekir) and we did not know the rule with 6 confirmed players, but finally we managed to bring 6 players but they did not agree . Deliric was here and wanted to talk with Ron[ he left now <22:59:48> "Deliric" disconnected (leaving) ]
Soul has called 6 retired players for confirm and wants defwin when we are NC finalists and we've been playing some editions like this, Deliric playing at all NC editions.
Sry for my english!

If you agree, leave a comment and +rep.
Oh, that's a strange situation. I think the defwin is not a fair way to chose a national team for the nation cup. Let them play in another day
im with Kappa , tbh its not fair
+ for Kappa
Why only romanians are crying xD Same shit at Georgia - Armenia and nobody crying, a game is a game. and can you tell me how is that the national team which was in final last season? Smile When only u thespecial1, per and fekir are playing from there.. Deliric told me to take care in next stage, he agreed and understood the situation, why you can't? Anyway, guess is my last post.
It's sad that you want to let Ganja's national team to play in this competition with 0 experience in this kind of tournament. Kappa-Deliric-Drg played last edition of NC BIG and they managed to be in the final + drg and deliric long activity in big easy competition . Now the circumstances and the short time made this situation hard for us . Only 1 day to prepare all, Deliric and Drg cant be online everyday and we didnt had any way to communicate with them. They called retired players that no longer represent haxball or romania : pjanic-retired;chimie-retired;shox-retired;eden-retired. only soul-ganja-talixd are active. Me, kappa,perseu and fekir active everyday and constantly improve not like the other "national team" along with Drg and Deliric top romanian players .
+ Kappa
We were on the room 4 players to play, but you+your players scared to play. Armenia was not online not same situation lmao
Scared for play 1 game Sad
Well,times changes. New players come from behind and we deserve to play in national team along experienced players . It's sad that you didn't want to prove on pitch that you are better then us Smile

"a game is a game" but we didn't managed to play the "game" Sad .
Legends are forgotten, but if legends play after 10 years they are better than these weak players Smile.

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