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Israel winners!
Nations Cup 2019

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NC 2017 Round of 16

You all asked me today what is with Round of 16, when is the draw - it is really funny how much you are known with competition rules and proceedings, but never mind, we are here to explain you 35083825 times right? ^^

Round of 16 will consist of 2 best teams from each group (A-F) + 4 3rd best ranked teams. 3rd placed teams ranking is determined by their number of points and goal different in specific group they scored trough group-stage matches. Since system is the same as EURO 2016 in France I will present you the pairs of the competition and we will follow it with graphical assumption tomorrow.

System is next:
Match 1: Runners-up Group A vs Runners-up Group C
Match 2: Winners Group D vs 3rd Place Group B/E/F
Match 3: Winners Group B vs 3rd Place Group A/C/D
Match 4: Winners Group F vs Runners-up Group E
Match 5: Winners Group C vs 3rd Place Group A/B/F
Match 6: Winners Group E vs Runners-up Group D
Match 7: Winners Group A vs 3rd Place Group C/D/E
Match 8: Runners-up Group B vs Runners-up Group F

Since we have top 4 3rd placed teams from groups A, B, C and D - this will be resolved with 1A vs 3C, 1B vs 3D, 1C vs 3A, 1D vs 3B. We will explain you in detail tomorrow, dont worry with graphical design.

Good luck to all teams!
NC Admin Team.

Matches for Round of 16 Nations Cup 2017:

1) Serbia vs Poland [25.10 - 20:00]
2) Russia vs Spain [25.10 - 20:30]
3) British Isles vs Germany [25.10 - 21:00]
4) Turkey vs Belarus [25.10 - 21:30]
5) Czech Republic vs Ukraine [25.10 - 22:00]
6) Bosnia and Herzegovina vs France [26.10 - 21:00]
7) Italy vs Scandinavia [26.10 - 21:30]
8) Romania vs Netherlands [26.10 - 22:00]

Wildcards are available for each match - latest possible time to play and report the match is 29.10 for Day 10 and 30.10 for Day 11. Each team have 2 transfers available until today, 23:59 CET.

Good luck to all teams, more info coming in the during the day.
NC Admin team.

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